Umbrella of Services for all Your Septic Needs!

Septic Preservation Systems

December 15, 2014 was a monumental day in the Septic Industry.

Septic Preservation Systems, All Clear Septic and Wastewater Services Inc. joined forces to provide the most comprehensive umbrella of services for all of your Septic needs.

The Mission Statement of the entire company is  “Onsite septic and treatment industry specialists providing the most comprehensive, professional, and courteous service to our customers with integrity and honesty.”

This is Bob Silva,  “I am the Vice President of SPS, and am excited about our acquisition.  Our Vision at Septic Preservation Services is this:

SPS provides comprehensive and complete services to preserve on-sit septic and treatment systems including;  pumping, drain cleaning, grease trap maintenance, testing and engineering services, septic designs, installations, and repairs of any type.”

This is Al Rivet,  “I am the Manager of All Septic and Wastewater Services.  Our Vision statement is this:

To provide expert and courteous service in the on-site septic industry specializing in;  inspections, troubleshooting, and pumping, to you, your customers, your colleagues and your referrals.

Together, this means that whatever your septic needs are, you can find them in one location, serving Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.”

102 West Main St.

Norton, MA 02766



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