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garbage disposals

Garbage Disposals and Your Septic System

  Garbage Disposals are used in many households, but are they safe to use with your septic system.  Good Question! While many companies that sell garbage disposals will tell you they are fine to use with a septic system, the truth is they really aren’t. You really shouldn’t be using a garbage disposal with your […]

Flooded Septic System Tips

With Two Major Hurricanes behind us,  What should you do with flooded septic systems With hurricane season still upon us,  it’s a good time to brush up on the proper care of septic systems during flooding events. Before the Storm Once heavy rains start to fall and a flood is underway, try  to cease water […]

septic system

Bacteria and Enzymes in Your Septic System

What makes a septic system work properly? Billions of naturally occurring microscopic bacteria and enzymes are responsible for a major part of the three-stage treatment that processes wastewater in a septic system. The wastewater in the septic tank begins the process of decomposition by separating into layers.  Bacteria, which is naturally present in all septic […]