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Winter and Your Septic System

Winter is here to stay.  Winter can cause some strain on your septic system.  With winter, comes snow.  Snow is actually a good insulator to keep  your system from freezing.  Make sure you don’t drive over your septic system.  This is especially true in winter.  Driving over your septic system can compact the snow and […]

Happy New Year

After New Year Septic Maintenance

The New Year is here and the holidays are over.  How did your septic system survive?  Holidays can put a strain on your septic system with extra guests and water usage.  Things may accidentally get flushed which shouldn’t, or food products are put down the sink such as fats and grease.  You may need to […]

septic systems- preventative maintenance

Don’t Leave Your Septic System to Chance

Many homeowners may feel that septic systems basically take care of themselves if left alone.   You may be one of the lucky few that breezes through home ownership with a problem free septic system but this is generally not the “norm”. Septic Systems need basic maintenance to keep them working properly as well as […]