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Fall Septic Maintenance

Fall is almost here, which means colder weather is right around the corner.   It’s  time to start thinking about getting your septic tank ready for fall. How can you prepare  your septic system for colder weather? Here are some tips. Pump your tank. Pumping your septic tank is  one of the most important aspects […]


The History of the Septic System

Homeowners who have septic systems in Sagamore or anywhere else in the United States, owe a debt of gratitude to John Mouras. Mouras is believed to be the inventor of the modern septic tank system. The history of the septic system begins on or around the year 1860 in France. Mouras designed a basic septic […]

effluent filters

Effluent Filters

When it comes to maintaining a septic system in Massachusetts, there are a number of requirements placed on property owners by the state. However, there are additional measures that can be taken that, while not required by law, can really go a long way toward increasing the efficiency and longevity of your tank. An effluent […]